Radical are an advertising content agency.

We’re a group of insight driven, creatively led problem solvers, who join the dots to develop ideas and platforms that go beyond the expected. This means bringing together cross-functional teams of specialists. We start by defining the problem, not just rolling out the same solution. We spend time on audience and trend analysis, drawn from real-time data. Our clients receive the planning and rigour of a media agency, combined with creativity and innovation.

We make advertising for a world with a skip button – like our 360° VR GAA experience for AIB. We develop products that solve real cultural and behavioural challenges – like the Contactless Donation Station for Focus Ireland. We make global award-winning integrated content, creative and media strategy for clients – like Tech/Life Ireland for the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and industry bodies. We find solutions to problems traditional advertising cannot – like Toyota’s #FaceItDown app

Our Clients

What we do


Our Creative Team devise campaigns and platforms that entertain, engage and will drive your target audience to react.

Powered by strategic, analytical and human insight, we pride ourselves on delivering ideas that know no bounds. With a deep knowledge of the media landscape, we understand the opportunities that come with each channel, allowing us to create immersive experiences that will bring customers closer to your brand.

Content Strategy

Our Content Team draw on their journalistic and marketing expertise to tell compelling stories for our clients’ brands.

We stay ahead of industry trends, using data-informed insights to create content that cuts through clutter, drives long-term search performance and resonates with audiences. Using our search, social and analytical expertise, we work alongside the creative team to deliver long-term editorial and content strategy and stories that drive real results.

Media & Analytics

Our Media & Analytics Team ensure the placement of your brand message is as effective as the creative itself.

We research your target audience’s diversifying habits, plan media strategies, implement, report and repeat. As part of Core Media, we have access to high profile beta tests with international partners and have the best relationships in the market with media suppliers. We specialise in search, social, display and content partnerships, devising strategies that will deliver on your objectives while staying ahead of market trends.

Tech & Innovation

Our Technology & Innovation team look to the future of advertising to deliver completely new brand experiences.

We stay ahead of tech trends like the Internet of Things and connected experiences, artificial intelligence bots, VR content and real-time data, and bring this knowledge to the creative process – providing extra ingenuity for all our client solutions.


Our strategic planners uncover insights and create exciting briefs that inform and inspire our cross-agency teams, so they can work together to deliver on that strategic vision.

We don’t do short term tactics. We don’t do short-lived gimmicks. Our communications solutions are based on strategic thought, grounded in a deep understanding of audience behaviour and our clients’ brand challenges. We create ideas that have longevity, leading to effective solutions that don’t just impact on views or likes – but create real business growth.