The Brief

Demonstrate Toyota’s commitment to their brand belief -“Built for A Better World”

Our Approach

In 2017, Toyota launched a new brand proposition – “Built for a Better World”. They came to Radical and tasked us with showing Ireland what this statement really means. We believe actions speak louder than words when it comes to brand building. So, we settled on an ambitious plan – to help Toyota to make Ireland’s roads safer for everyone.

Research from the Road Safety Authority shows that making a call while driving will make a driver 4 times more likely to be involved in a collision, while texting makes it a staggering 23 times more likely. Additionally, many people also update their social media channels, snap selfies or check emails while behind the wheel. This is the problem we decided to tackle head on. Over a period of months, Radical designed and built a mobile app that encourages behaviour change through positive reinforcement and new habit forming. Called #FaceItDown, the app rewards drivers for not picking up their phone whilst driving – each kilometre driven with the phone face down equates to a point, and points earned can be used to claim rewards in Topaz Re.Store locations around Ireland. Instead of preaching or just delivering a message, the #FaceItDown campaign set out to effect real behaviour change by designing a useful service and product for the public.

We launched the campaign with through the line messaging featuring influencers like Niall Breslin, Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, Triona McCarthy and Bláthnaid Treacy starring in powerful content about the dangers of mobile phone use whilst driving. This was used to direct audiences to the App Store and Google Play to download the app.


The #FaceItDown app demonstrates Radical’s integrated approach to problem-solving. We identified a human behaviour, we told the story, and then we built the system to actively support that story, before driving audience interactions through carefully targeted media.

By providing Irish drivers with a tool to support habit change, we helped Toyota to take positive action and actively demonstrate that they are committed to their brand promise of “Built for a Better World”.