The Brief

Excite the world’s best tech talent about working and living in Ireland.

Our Approach

In the global landscape, Ireland stands alongside larger countries as a world-class tech hub. But as the sector grows, we’re facing a future where experts predict we will face a shortage of highly skilled tech talent. We needed to address this shortage – and fast. Enter Tech/Life Ireland.

Working from our core insight into this global tech audience – that having the chance to grow their career in an innovative centre of tech excellence is paramount – we devised and developed a global digital comms strategy and plan. At its heart was an editorial approach that gave us the chance to position Ireland as the ideal location for ambitious tech experts to move to and work from.

To achieve this, we hit the ground, attending grassroots tech meet-ups and interviewing local experts. We built a world-class website and created a long-term global award-winning content strategy and digital media delivery plan. Real-time insight into our audience was used to constantly inform and tweak our approach, to ensure we were delivering editorial that had real value and interest to our audience.

The Results


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unique website visitors

The Conclusion

We matched our best-in-class content with a targeted global digital media plan, creating a campaign that drove real results for our client teams. In doing so, we to helped make Ireland a serious hit with The IT Crowd.

So much so, that we beat out world-class tech brands like Microsoft and Salesforce to win Best Content Marketing Program in Technology at the Content Marketing Awards 2017.

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