The Brief

Raise awareness of the dangers of mobile phone use while driving among young people.

Our Approach

Driver distraction plays a role in 20-30% of all road collisions in Ireland.  The aim of the Lifetime of Memories campaign was to build awareness of the risk of using your phone while driving, by creating a piece of content that was socially sharable and made our target audience re-think their behaviour. The overall objective was to reduce the number of deaths caused by mobile phone use by focusing our campaign on the huge number of 18-24-year olds who regularly engage in this behaviour.

To achieve this, we used the Facebook Memories to create a disruptive video. The idea was to show a collection of memories from an average 20-year-old, only for the video to take a dramatic turn when he is involved in a car accident after becoming distracted due while using his phone and driving.

But there was a further twist in this friendship tale. We also created a fictional Facebook profile to stimulate further conversation. This turned into a platform where people “named and shamed” by telling their friends to watch the video.

The Results


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video views


social reactions


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The Conclusion

The video generated huge awareness among the target audience on social and through earned media on sites like LovinDublin, and Best of all, the video generated real conversation among our target audience, with hundreds of people commenting on and sharing our content. With this campaign, we found an innovative new way of talking to a young social-first audience on their level – and hopefully changed some lives in the process.

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