The Brief

Raise awareness of the homelessness crisis and make donating to Focus Ireland as simple as possible.

Our Approach

Ireland is in the midst of a homelessness crisis, and the statistics paint a harrowing picture: 6,611 people have nowhere to call home in Ireland. More shockingly, 1 in 3 people seeking homelessness assistance is a child. A challenge facing charities is we now live in a cashless society – often when presented with a willing opportunity to donate, donors don’t have cash. This led us to create the first ever contactless donation station. The viewer was invited to tap their debit card on the screen to donate to Focus Ireland.

When people tapped to donate, it triggered a life-size video. A light shone on a homeless mother and her son surrounded by darkness. She then walked towards you with her daughter and looked you in the eye to say “thanks”. This was a modern interactive and user-friendly way to see your money instantly doing good.

The Results


social impressions


worth of earned media


raised for Focus Ireland

The Conclusion

The simplified customer journey was the key to this campaign’s success. To donate to Focus Ireland all you had to do was tap your debit card against the window. You didn’t need to go into the reception, you didn’t need to input your pin, you didn’t need to give your contact details – just one tap would help change a life. We created a revolutionary way for people to tap into their charitable side. The campaign not only increased public knowledge of this crisis, it reshaped how charities can raise money in the future.

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