The Brief

Grow awareness and donations for Movember through the innovative use of technology.

Our Approach

Radical and Core Media Group wanted to support Movember, but It wasn’t enough for us to have our male colleagues grow moustaches. We wanted to use our expertise as marketers and technologists to further raise the profile of Movember in Ireland, get more people talking about the serious issue of male cancers, and hopefully raise a tonne of cash in the process.

To cut a long story short – we built a 5ft wide ginger moustache, now named ‘The CoreMo’, and hoisted it onto our roof. Then we created a special algorithm that grew our ‘tache whenever people donated to the charity on our site. Soon the people of Dublin couldn’t cross the River Liffey without marvelling at our interactive facial hair – proof that tech can really change the fortunes of men’s health.

The results


worth of earned media


social impressions


raised for the Irish Cancer Society

The Conclusion

CoreMo was a truly cohesive media execution, demonstrating how media, technology and creative thinking can come together seamlessly to achieve real results. By investing in the idea, the technology and the content, earned media did the job we needed to tell the story, spread the word and get people talking and donating. 

This wasn’t just a digital campaign – it was a fully cross-platform campaign built around engaging target audiences with unique stories, content and experiences.

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