The Brief

To show the world that nobody brings people together like Aer Lingus.

Our Approach

Following the success of their Radical-produced ‘Bringing People Home for Christmas since 1936’ campaign in 2015, Aer Lingus wanted to highlight the extraordinary role they’ve played in reuniting Irish families over the past 80 years.

To thousands of Irish ex-pats around the world, stepping onto an Aer Lingus flight is the moment when they get that first feeling of home. Our aim was to tap into that feeling by creating an emotive piece of social content that told the stories of Irish people affected by emigration.

For many of us, video calls with overseas relatives have become a familiar ritual. But nothing can truly replace that feeling of seeing your loved ones in person. Our campaign, #TeachtAbhaile, immersed the audience in the experience of three Irish families with relatives living abroad. Our central message was that technology can only get you so close – but with Aer Lingus, there’s always a seat waiting to bring you home.

Once again, we surprised our featured families by bringing their relatives home for an unexpected Christmas visit and filmed their emotional reactions.

The resulting video was poignant, life-affirming and joyous, and it reinforced Aer Lingus’s position as a quintessentially Irish company that means more to people than just a ticket home. Because when they step on that flight, they’re already home. For a second year running, we were proud to make Irish people all over the world shed a tear at Christmas.

The Results


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The Previous Year

In Christmas 2015, we set out to make the whole nation cry at Christmas by bringing six Irish people living abroad home for the holidays – without telling their families first. We then supplied our intrepid ex-pats with GoPros, so they could be their own director and capture every moment of their journey home – including their nearest and dearest’s overjoyed reactions when they turned up unexpectedly on their doorstep.

The completed video was a serious tearjerker – with more than 1 million people watching and thousands sharing their delighted reactions on social.

After watching our video, 64% of Ryanair customers said they were ‘more likely to fly with Aer Lingus’ and four out of five who watched the video viewed Aer Lingus as a brand that cares about Irish people.

Winner – Kinsale Shark 2016
Social Media Awards 2017 – Best Video Campaign

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